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    We support your JP application filings in reasonable ways.

    Needs for obtaining IP rights in Japan have been growing year after year. However, it is often the case that companies give up on acquiring sufficient IP rights due to expensive attorney’s fee. SKIP is a pioneering Japanese IP law firm dedicated to pursuing operational efficiency to cut unreasonable costs which eventually reduces the burden of your clients. We have achieved very reasonable IP prosecution costs.

  • 2

    We provide you with honest advice.

    Disadvantageous options should never be proposed to your clients. We believe that supporting your client’s long term IP strategy is our mission therefore we do not provide you with any baseless advice to gain short term profits.

  • 3

    We provide you with free native speaker checks on all the translation documents from our clients.

    In order to maintain our quality of documents, we do not just file the translated documents that are provided from you or your clients. Our engineers do the first check, our Japanese native speakers do the second check and then finally our partner patent attorneys conduct the final check so that we can avoid office actions caused by mere mistranslation as much as possible.

  • 4

    We report you and consult with you in English, Chinese (both simplified & traditional) and Korean

    User-friendliness is one of our priorities therefore we break some language barriers by corresponding with you in those three languages without any extra charge.

  • 5

    We propose you multiple options.

    The optimal option is not always one and it should be judged comprehensively from various factors such as importance of the IP right, technical scope to cover, the budget, etc. SKIP considers that expanding options for customers as much as possible is one of the important missions of an IP law firm.

  • 6

    We nurture multilingual staffs.

    Here at SKIP, we have Japanese professionals who are proficient in Japanese and English but also understand Chinese and Korean while there are Chinese professionals who are proficient in Chinese, Japanese and English. Our staffs can receive language study subsidies in order to improve their overall language skills.

  • 7

    We cut every single unreasonable cost.

    Many small make a great. We cut every single unreasonable cost which would directly be reflected on the fees to our clients.

  • 8

    We keep straightforward pricing with no hidden fees.

    Setting up a different pricing to a different client is a common practice but we provide you with the best schedule of fees from the beginning. We maintain our reasonable fees by eliminating unnecessary process for negotiating our fees.

  • 9

    We give you advice on the latest IP law amendments, precedents and examination standards.

    IP laws, procedures and court rulings are complicated things but what is even worse is that we have different rules for every country. We are here to help you so please feel free to contact us for any question related to IP practice in Japan.

  • 10

    We do not hide any mistakes.

    It is impossible to prevent human errors/mistakes for 100%. Of course we do our best but whenever a mistake, even a tiny one, is made, we report you immediately along with the best solution available. At the same time, we share such mistake internally and prevent similar incidents from happening again.